What We Do

We make stronger the relationship between patients and the Wistaria and Milford medical Surgery, which is critical to the sharing of good Surgery practice.

We actively engage with the Surgery and meet regularly with the Surgery Manager and Staff to discuss ideas for the Surgery.

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Surveys give patients the opportunity to give feedback on particular issues and subjects. We can then feedback the results to the Surgery.


Regular meetings with the Surgery Manager & representative of the Partners to give feedback from you the patients.


Networking with other PPG's to share ideas and experiences; understand the local and wider healthcare landscape.


We represent the patient population where issues affecting patients have a wider impact.

About Us

Patient Participation Groups (PPG's) were set up under a Government initiative to represent all patients and to enable communication between patients and surgery medical staff on all relevant issues

Wistaria and Milford Patient Participation Group is evolving to meet the local needs of patients registered with Wistaria and Milford Surgeries.

Who We Are

We are a group of patients from both Wistaria and Milford Surgeries recruited on a purely voluntary basis to aid Wistaria and Milford Surgery implement real, positive change.

What We Do

We provide the patient perspective by:

Conducting patient surveys

Advising the Surgery and patients of new systems and treatments

Sharing good Surgery practice by networking with other PPGs

Make stronger the relationship between patients and their Surgery, which is critical to the provision good Surgery Practice

Our Objectives

To ensure two-way communication between Patients and the Surgery.

To consult with Patients on their needs, and to provide a forum for discussion between the Surgery and Patients on topics of mutual interest.

To identify areas to influence, and to review how care meets the needs of patients, particularly in relation to secondary services such as Lymington Hospital and Outpatient Services.

Regularly contributes to issued raised at the South West Hampshire Community Engagement Group.

Our Achievements

A substantial increase in the numbers of patients who have signed up to email and on-line access.

We have carried out a number of surveys to obtain the opinions of patients.

Continued membership of NAPP (National Assocation of Patient Participation).

Ongoing and developing interface with the Surgery Practice Manager

PPG Notice Boards in both Wistaria & Milford.

Continued involvement with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group).

Amended and maintained a number of areas of the Surgery Website - We are helping keep the Surgery website updated with the latest news on the Pandemic as well as surgery news. By helping in this way, we are not only helping save Surgery staff valuable time, but we are also maintaining our good relationship with the Surgery.

Developed and maintained Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms for the Surgery – The Surgery wanted to have a presence on Social Media but just did not have the resources to spend time posting and building up followers. We have taken on this task for the Surgery.

Covid 19 - a number of PPG members have volunteered throughout the vaccination programme in various roles at Milford on Sea Memorial Hospital Vaccination Centre.

The provision of many handmade facemasks for patients to purchase at the surgeries with money raised donated to Oakhaven Hospital and New Forest Basics Bank. A total of over £700.

Maintained regular contact with New Forest Primary Care Network and have received regular updates at PPG meetings in areas such as new recruits to the team, Social Prescribing and the operation of the Covid 19 vaccination programme.

Regularly contributed to issues raised at the South West Hampshire Community Engagement Group.

Meet the Team

We are all volunteers and patients of Wistaria & Milford Surgery.

Mike Snell - Chair

Mike Snell


Pauline Wain - Secretary

Pauline Wain


Lionel Allery - Member

Lionel Allery


Li Blyton - Member

Liz Blyton


Jan Hawksworth - Member

Jan Hawksworth


Sue Mayes - Member

Sue Mayes


Rita Russell - Member

Rita Russell


Chris Seward - Member

Chris Seward


News and Information

Current and Achived News as well as Important Information.

Get In Touch

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